The Center for Women's Welfare (CWW) is dedicated to research that influences contemporary policy issues of income inequality and economic opportunity. Through its primary project, The Self-Sufficiency Standard, CWW researches and develops effective tools to measure poverty and income inadequacy by calculating the real cost of living.

The Self-Sufficiency Standard determines the amount of income required for working families to meet basic needs at a minimally adequate level, taking into account family composition, ages of children, and geographic differences in costs. More about the standard ...

CWW partners with a range of government, non-profit, women's, children's, and community-based groups to create and update the Self-Sufficiency Standard state by state, and CWW undertakes related research projects. The Standard is widely used by advocates, employers, policy makers, service providers, and case workers to improve career counseling services, target employment and training programs towards higher wage jobs, efficiently allocate services and education resources, and evaluate and design public policies - all with the goal of helping families reach self-sufficiency.

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Click here for a brief that compares the Standard to the federal poverty measure and the new Supplemental Poverty Measure.